1990 Dodge Shadow


Mr. Varga

October, 16, 2011 AT 8:36 AM

While working on replacing the passenger side hub, removed tie rod, brakes, unbolted cv axle, unbolted ball joint. I used floor jack to lift up hub and strut to pry spindle, also using a pry bar at split in spindle for ball joint, and hammer the lower control arm down (seized). As this worked, the cv axle (no half shaft) slipped out of transmission while other end stayed with the spindle as pressure from floor jack moved away from car. Axle now will not re-install into transmission am I just not lining up the splines? I have also had the vehicle in neutral while performing the work and I will try again in park. I ALSO noticed the sensor right above axle seal on transmission has zip ties around it to hold in place (not sure why or if it helps) Thank you for helping a ******* who forgot to get a repair manual (Libraries are now eliminating books from shelves)!


1 Answer



October, 16, 2011 AT 11:05 AM

It should just slid in, ensure new spline is the same count as the one removed, check dia is the same and if all is correct you may just not be aligning it correctly.

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