OBD I OnBoard Diagnostic Sensors

  • 180,000 MILES
1990 Cadillac Deville FWD 4.5L

I am trying to locate a resource for a list of the ECM codes in which you
can pull up on this vehicle after On Board Dignostics are run.
The system here is a OBD I On Board, I believe.
After depressing the OFF -WARMER buttons (Climate Control panel), Diagnostics Run.
Then you depress OUTSIDE TEMP button and you enter Monitor or Sensor reading mode. Depressing HI / LO Fan buttons increment / decrement the Pointer from E020 thru E031, then the corresponding VALUE is displayed of these sensors. E020 - E031 : I am interested in obtaining a list of what each is actually reading (monitoring).

Thanks for any help !
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Code Description
P000 (E000). Cruise Servo Apply Problem
P012 (E012). No Distributor Signal
P013 (E013). Right Oxygen Sensor Not Ready
P014 (E014). Shorted Coolant Temp Sensor
P015 (E015). Open Coolant Temp Sensor Signal
P016 (E016). Voltage Out of Range [ALL SOL]
P017 (E017). Left Oxygen Sensor not ready
P019 (E019). Shorted Fuel Pump Circuit
P020 (E020). Open Fuel Pump Circuit
P021 (E021). Shorted TPS Signal [VCC]
P022 (E022). Open TPS Signal [VCC]
P023 (E023). Electronic Spark Timing (EST) Signal problem [EGR]
P024 (E024). Vehicle Speed Sensor signal to TCC
P025 (E025). (Ignition Control Module) 24x Reference Low Indicator
P026 (E026). Shorted Throttle Signal Switch
P027 (E027). Open throttle signal switch
P028 (E028). Open 3rd or 4th Gear Shift Or Shorted 2-3 Shift Solenoid [VCC]
P029 (E029). Transaxle Shift 'B' solenoid problem (1st, 3rd, 4th gear)
P030 (E030). ISC RPM out of range
P031 (E031). Shorted MAP Sensor
P032 (E032). Open MAP Sensor Signal
P033 (E033). Wheel speed sensors problem
P034 (E034). MAP Sensor Signal Out of Range
P035 (E035). PCM reference low signal voltage Out of Range
P036 (E036). EGR Valve Pintle Position Out of Range
P037 (E037). Shorted MAT Sensor Signal
P038 (E038). Open MAT Sensor Signal
P039 (E039). Torque Coverter Clutch/Viscous Converter Clutch Engagement Problem
P040 (E040). Power steering Pressure switch open
P041 (E041). No Cam Reference Signal from Ignition Control Module
P042 (E042). Left Oxygen Sensor Signal Lean
P043 (E043). Left Oxygen Sensor Signal Rich
P044 (E044). Right Oxygen Sensor Signal Lean
P045 (E045). Right Oxygen Sensor Signal Rich
P046 (E046). Right to Left Bank Fueling Difference
P047 (E047). IPC - PCM Data Problem
P048 (E048). Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) system Problem
P049 (E049). Air Injection Reaction (AIR) System Fault
P050 (E050). Second Gear Circuit Pressure
P051 (E051). MEM-CAL Error
P052 (E052). PCM Memory Reset
P053 (E053). Distributor Signal Interrupt
P055 (E055). Closed Throttle Angle Out of Range [TPS]
P056 (E056). Transmission Input Speed Sensor
P057 (E057). Shorted 4th Gear Switch Circuit Or Shorted 3-4 Shift Solenoid
P058 (E058). PASSKey Control Problem
P059 (E059). Transmission Input speed sensor
P060 (E060). Cruise-Transaxle Not in Drive
P061 (E061). Cruise - Vent Solenoid Problem
P062 (E062). Cruise - Vacuum Solenoid Problem
P063 (E063). Set Vs. Vehicle Speed Difference
P064 (E064). Cruise - Vehicle Acceleration Too High
P065 (E065). Cruise - SPS Failure
P066 (E066). Cruise - RPM Out of Range
P067 (E067). Cruise Switch shorted at Enable
P068 (E068). Cruise Command Problem (servo out of range)
P069 (E069). Traction Control Active During Cruise Operation
P070 (E070). Intermittent TPS Signal
P071 (E071). Intermittent MAP Signal
P072 (E072). MAP sensor signal change without TPS signal change
P073 (E073). Intermittent Coolant Sensor Signal
P074 (E074). Intermittent MAT Signal
P075 (E075). Intermittent VSS Signal
P076 (E076). Transmission Pressuse Solenoid
P080 (E080). Fuel System Rich
P081 (E081). CAM to 4X reference correlation problem
P083 (E083). Crankshaft to Ignition Module Failure
P085 (E085). Idle Throttle Angle Too High
P086 (E086). Undefined Gear Ratio (Transmission Pressure Control)
P088 (E088). Torque converter clutch did not disengage when commanded OFF by PCM
P089 (E089). Long Shift and Maximum Adapt (Trans. Pressure Control)
P090 (E090). VCC/TCC Brake Switch/Park/neutral switch Input Circuit Problem
P091 (E091). PRNDL Switch Problem (transaxle range switch problem)
P092 (E092). Heated Windshield Request Problem
P092 (E092). Traction Control System PWM Link Failure
P093 (E093). Traction control system signals were not received by PCM
P094 (E094). Transaxle Shift "A" Solenoid Problem (Vehicle Speed Sensor)
P095 (E095). Engine Stall Detected
P096 (E096). Torque Converter Overstress
P097 (E097). High RPM P/N to D/R Shift
P098 (E098). High RPM P/N to D/R Shift Under ISC
P099 (E099). Cruise Control Servo Applied, Not in Cruise
P102 (E102). Shorted brake Booster Vacuum (BBV) Sensor
P103 (E100). Open Brake Booster Vacuum Sensor
P105 (E105). Brake Booster Vacuum Too Low
P106 (E106). Sudden vehicle deceleration w/o brake switch being activated
P107 (E107). PCM/BCM Data Link Problem
P108 (E108). PROM error
P109 (E109). Keep Alive Memory (KAM) Reset/PCM has lost primary battery power
P110 (E110). Generator L-terminal Circuit Problem
P112 (E112). PCM PROM EPROM error
P117 (E117). Open/Short Solenoids/Solenoid Wiring (Transmission)
P119 (E119). Open or Shorted Fuel Injector
P120 (E120). A/C low side temperature sensor problem
P121 (E121). A/C high side temperature sensor problem
P122 (E122). A/C coolant temperature sensor signal voltage problem
P123 (E123). A/C refrigerant pressure was too low
P124 (E124). A/C compressor circuit was shorted (ON) w/o request by HVAC
P125 (E125). A/C high pressure switch/A/C high side temperature problem
P126 (E126). A/C high pressure switch disabled A/C compressor
P128 (E128). A/C was disabled because of high refrigerant pressure
P131 (E131). No signal from the knock sensor (PCM)
P132 (E132). Knock Sensor Circuitry Failure
P133 (E133). Loss of ABS communications/data
P134 (E134). Loss of IPC (instrument panel cluster) data
P135 (E135). Loss of HVAC data
P136 (E136). Loss of DERM (diagnostic energy reserve module) data
P137 (E137). Loss of TCS (traction control system) Data
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