1990 Buick Regal


Rick Palmer

September, 19, 2011 AT 11:57 PM

Hi guys I am a shade tree mechanic and went to check a rear tire for a flat tonight and noticed that both of my newer rear tires are worn baddly on the inside only. We have been noticing that on hard turns the rear end of the car tended to swerve around.I thought it was a bad strut. But when I found the tire wear I started looking around and found back and forth play in the rear wheels. It looks like it is pivoting on the lateral link bushings. Would this cause the tire wear and swerving in the rear. Is this someting I can do in my garage shop. Do you have to do all the bushings on all the links? This is a car I built for my son to go to college about 50 miles a day, We did a lot of engine work, body and paint on her. I hope I can keep her going. Any advise would help.
Rick Palmer


1 Answer



September, 20, 2011 AT 12:14 AM

You should be able to replace them and yes they will cause the symptoms you described.

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