I want to install a remote car starter

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I want to install a remote car starter. I purchased a remote starter on ebay it's a viper. All I want to do is start the car and unlock the doors. It has no alarm and no fancy key so I was thinking it should be easy. I have installed three other remote starters in three of my other cars. The last one I installed was in my dodge pickup. It was a bulldog that came with a T harness so easy to install. I couldn't find a remote starter with a T harness for this car it's to old. I do have the wire diagram for the car and one for the starter. The problem is I have 13 wires coming out of the remote starter and 2 wire in the car. The other starters had a relay with them this one doesn't. So I need to go out and buy me a relay first of all. I can send you the wire diagram if it will help you in helping me figure it all out. Thanks Rob
ps I will gladly donate money if you can help me out. But for now I just clicked on free help.

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Tuesday, December 11th, 2012 AT 11:39 PM

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