1989 Ford F-150



May, 30, 2012 AT 11:37 AM

I have Manual Transmission F-150 it won't move, starts fine and shifts gears, motor sounds fine just won't move I've never worked on a manual transmission before so I know nothing. So after taking on a big project and loading my truck with probably more weight than I should of it started (what feels like) slipping gears. The truck drove about 5miles home like this. I woke the next morning and started the truck(started just fine)but when I release the clutch and give gas nothing happens.

The clutch has always needed for me to smash down on it harder than any other that I've driven before(when attempting to start). I have to put alot of my weight and pressure on it(driving it into the floorboard)before it will start. The same thing goes for getting it into reverse.

So anyway back to problem at hand. The truck is running but doing nothing when I try to accelerate. I can put it in any gear(I have to press clutch to do so) as normal, but now I can take my foot off the clutch in every gear and the truck will remain in idol(when normally it would die as any mt I've driven will do).

I've check the fluid in the transmission by removing plug and checking with finger and it's level is just below the the plug(which I believe to be normal), and it doesn't smell/taste burnt or old.

so would this problem most likely be transmission or either the slave or master clutch cylinder or something else I'm unaware of?


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May, 30, 2012 AT 12:19 PM

Symptom description indicates the clutcg has failed. The clutch disk could have been worn off.

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