Dear Technician/engineer, I removed my.

  • 1989 AUDI 500
  • 500,000 MILES

Dear Technician/engineer,
I removed my audi 500/1989 top and replaced the top-gasket after marking all pipes and wires, cam-sprocket and crank-pulley. In doing this I had to remove injector-piping, intake and fuel-distrubutor.
I replaced everything according the markings, bled the injection system and started it, but it did not want to idle or actually keep on running, I had to play with the butterfly valve of the intake and keep it open to let it run, when I left it, it smothered.I checked the pipes and no leaks. Spark plugs work, enough fuel-pressure.I do not know, something is there which I cannot see, as this audi 500 was running smoothly before I replaced the head-gasket. Do you?Feel free telling me, thanks.
My name is "Helmu".

Friday, February 8th, 2013 AT 5:36 PM

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