1988 Toyota Cressida



August, 27, 2012 AT 2:06 AM

My 1988 toyota cressida will not move in drive or reverse. We took it to the mechanics that told us it was a transmission problem, but later on I had someone come in to try to fix it. Which he did, it was not the transmission he told us it was the convertor. We had it up on a jack and tested to see if it would work forwards and reverse it did. So we gave it a test run and soon after it seemed to have difficulty going forward then it wouldn't go forward, the same thing happened when I put it in reverse it would go then it seemed like I really had to press the gas to get it to go anywhere then it just stopped working. And the person who was working on the car said if he couldn't fix it then he would't know what was wrong with it. All he knows is it is not the transmission.

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August, 27, 2012 AT 6:54 AM

I believe the transmission is bad. You would need a transmission specialist to test and confirm.

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