1988 Ford Ranger



February, 4, 2014 AT 7:36 PM

I ran out of gas twice in two days. I had no problems the first time, my friend brought me 2.5 gallons I got the truck started and it ran fine. The next day I had to go to work to pick up my pay check before I could put any more gas in my truck, then I stopped at a friends and she sent me to go get some cat litter and on the way back I ran out of gas again. So I had to call another friend for help, she came down with a gas can, I sent her to get the gas with $5. She came back with a full can and I put it in the tank. I went back to the first friend and visited for an hour, then I went to work. When I got that evening I went out and started the truck and immediately I could tell there was something wrong. The truck starts fine, idles rough and has hardly enough power to move, it feels like it's misfiring. I replaced the fuel filter, the old one definitely was full of rusty muck and the truck still doesn't run any better. I put a bottle of fuel/injector cleaner in the tank but still the same. Do I need to pull the injectors to check them? Are they cleanable? Or do I have to replace them?


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February, 5, 2014 AT 12:21 PM

Scan for codes and check fuelpressure with a gauge autoparts rent them. You probably screwed up the fulepump by running out of gas.

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