88 yota 4X4


202k miles. Ok so I have 3 questions. #1: my 4 wheel drive. When I engage it it sounds like its dragging or something its not really a grind but more of a drag I think. Any ideas on what it could be? It does it in 4 hi and lo. With hubs locked or unlocked. Do you think its low oil or is my front diff. Junk?

ok #2: my heater. Its blowing just air until the engine warms up then it blows luke-warm air for like 20 seconds. The heater control valve was seized up so I bypassed it thinking it would do the trick. Nope. Then I thought maybe its my thermostat. Swapped em out and its no better. Then flushed my heater core with a garden hose. Got some rust and crud out of there. But its not any better. My heater core isnt leaking or blowing out condensation or anything. Im guessing its bad but I wanted a professional opinion before I tear it out. (I live in michigan and its COLD so I need to fix this beast ASAP!)

last one #3: I have a 3 inch body lift. I put it on and then my timing chain guide tensioner failed so it sat for a good 6 months. Now when I turn sharply or drive over stuff it makes like a creaking noise. Could it be a body lift point is lose or something or maybe a suspension problem? Thanks for the help

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Saturday, December 23rd, 2006 AT 9:48 PM

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