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  • mustang1990
  • 1987 Nissan 300ZX
  • 200,000 miles

My 1987 300zx slowly over heats but doesnt have any leaks. That I know of. The coolant tank bubbles to the point where it leaks out and u can hear it bubbling. I replaced the water pump and I installed a thermostate but the thermostate made it over heat quicker. The hose from the radiator to the engine looks to be a lil swollen. Now about the bad idle problem. I replaced the spark plugs, wires and distributor cap and yet it still has a bad idle. It hesitates when I hit the gas and chugs. If I leave it to idle long enough it dies out. The whole response from when I hit the gas is very terrible. I was thinking it may be a vacuum leak since the air intake is pretty long and has alot of sections to it. Thank you

Monday, October 3rd, 2011 AT 9:15 PM

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