1987 Ford F-150



February, 16, 2011 AT 12:31 AM

I have a 87 f150 im the one that ask bout it not comming outa park.
I have another problem with it and many others. 1st I have no brake lights I have replaced fuses and flasher that got the blinkers working but the brake lights still will not I have replaced the bulbs as well nothing again im thinking it in the wiring itself but have no clue how to fix it or know where to begin
2. When I start the truck I have to keep foot on pedal for bout 5 mins before it will stay running
3 when at a stop or just taken off it likes to cut out
4 when I hit the gas at times it doesn't wanna come outta of 1 until like 45mph I have checked all fluids filters I also have a holly 4 barrel carburetor on it it has a 351 Windsor I thought the orignal motor was fuel injected but this one isnt if any one could help I would greatly appreciate it thank u to those who can help

thank u


2 Answers



February, 16, 2011 AT 12:53 AM

For brake lights try trip switch on brake pedal. Test for juice in, and out when pedal pressed. If it has juice in but not out it's bad.



February, 16, 2011 AT 1:12 AM

Ok thank you I will do that would u hapen to know bout any of the other problems

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