I have a 1985 Volvo 244 DL

  • 1985 VOLVO 240
  • 190 MILES
I have a 1985 Volvo 244 DL. Car has been running fine as far as I could tell and then the weather turned for the worst going to freezing temps, a day of snow, and 2 days of rain. Car started and ran normal in the snow, on the last day of rain tried to start car and it wouldnt. I know for sure I have a half tank of gas, added Lucas Fuel Treatment to the tank after car wouldnt start because I suspected water in gas line freezing since this is the first time since Ive owned the car that it has been this cold (40 degrees to 25 degrees). Didnt seem to make a difference. Cleaned and lubed battery connections, terminals, and wires with local autozone battery terminal protector and cleaner, got a jump start but that didnt work, car cranks like normal but wont engine wont start. There is water as my coolant, havent had the chance to switch to antifreeze/water mixture and was wondering if this would cause the car to not start? I had just driven the car an hour or less before getting in the car to find that the engine will not start but only crank. I'm almost positive its not the battery as the jump start didnt fix anything and the lights and everything have been funtioning normally, but I do remember accidentally leaving my windshield wipers on medium speed for about thirty minutes, but this was before the jump start that didnt fix my no start problem. Since it rained so much, there were freezing temps, and snow(It has never snowed since Ive owned car) I think there is a possibility of moisture in the distributor cap. I honestly think that the moisture from the snow and rain and on top of that how cold it is (car is hard to start in cold weather, erratic idling until warmed up and sometimes will shut off and I will have to restart car; car shows no problems once warmed up). I saw a wet spot underneath my car after rain and all had dried from the street, looked pinkish/red so I suspect automatic transmission flluid, would adding transmission fluid (I knew I was a little low but cant be for sure how low since car will not start) help start engine or get engine running or would having low transmission fluid keep the engine from starting even though it cranks fine? There is a possibility that the rain or moisture got into my engine compartment since it was so wet outside for a few days (first time thats happened also since I've owned car). What could I do to get my engine running again?
Sunday, December 30th, 2012 AT 3:33 AM

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Distributor cap may be wet sending spark to all the wrong places.

As far as coolant, water freezes at 20 degrees. Hope you did not crack the block from this

Was this
Sunday, December 30th, 2012 AT 3:37 AM

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