Why won’t my car start when it is hot (Not starter)?

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Why won’t my car start when it is hot? I have a VW Quantum Station Wagon built in 1985. Yes it is old. It is a manual transmission without a computer. It will not start when it is warm outside or when the car has been driven for a long time. At first the problem was infrequent and only when the temperatures climbed to the hundreds, but over the last three years it has become more frequent and with lower temperatures. Now it won't start when the temperatures are above 70 degrees or so. We have replaced the starter motor and the solenoid and maybe some other parts that have to do with the starter. This made no difference. We can push start the car. As the car cools down, at first there will be no response when we turn the key, then later it will make a clicking sound, then it will start; but only if the outside temperature is cool enough. The lights always work, so it is not connected with the battery. It starts right up when the weather is right and the engine is cold. Any ideas?

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Thursday, April 28th, 2011 AT 7:19 PM

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