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Sydney Australia.
My Corolla generally runs really well. Over last 18 months-has intermittent total dropout of spark. Mostly will restart via clutch start, or hit starter in neutral. But occasionally nearly stops dead- [like clutch starting in 1st gear at 40 mph, with NO spark].[We replaced coil, and distributor]
MY QUESTION: Would overheating of the distributor cause the "chip" in it to fail intermittently. It will start and stall either in 1 minute or last 4 weeks, or several months with occasional stall/restart like a cold motor. [Summer here at moment]
I've left it there, as can't risk another stoppage in a dangerous or highly restricted area, and also we are waiting for auto electrician we can trust to return from Xmas break.I'm on Disability pension. Last stop was on entrance to a Freeway.[Very dangerous wait for tow truck]
On 4 occasions the stalling became total, and I needed towing. It started 1st go -a day later, in December, and recently- a week later.
My "backyard mechanic"--actually a diesel engineer, who works on cars for a living- replaced Coil. Then replaced Distributor.[Car has carby, and electronic ignition].
After latest stoppage I also repaired slight leak in top of radiator-, just under cap, which we suspected might be spitting small amount of water onto distributor. It happened anyway when definitely NO water spill.
Twice at least, after towing home as it refused to start, [though it had done so several times- running smoothly--then failing as usual with instant loss of spark]--It started FIRST GO a week later. Ran faultlessly for 18 minutes, then again for 4 minutes. But I had to leave it there.-[Legal parking]
Mid December, the same scenario. Both times I was returning from a local shopping trip, and that time was towed by my roadside assistance. [Probably 4 times now]-same problem, passed off as Coil failure, out of petrol etc.--That time, it restarted after half hour wait for assist.
Is it possible that after cooling down, the chip is coming good? I don't do any long trips
Do you know if Toyotas from that era had similar problems?
Hope you can help--Bryan.
Tuesday, January 15th, 2013 AT 6:33 AM

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Test the igniter

Turn ignition on. Connect voltmeter negative lead to ground and positive lead to ignition coil positive terminal. Refer to Fig. 5. Voltage reading should be 12 volts.
With negative lead still attached to ground, connect voltmeter positive lead to ignition coil negative terminal. Refer to Fig. 5. Voltage reading should be 12 volts. Unplug wiring harness connector from distributor.
Using a 1.5-volt dry cell battery, connect battery positive pole to Pink wire terminal. See Fig. 5. Connect battery negative pole to White wire terminal. DO NOT apply voltage for more than 5 seconds.
Was this
Tuesday, January 15th, 2013 AT 7:00 AM

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