1985 Ford Ranger



June, 21, 2011 AT 11:14 PM

Ford Ranger, 2.8 V6 manual transmission. Starter spins, won't engage after working for a while. This is 3rd starter - this is a Ford Motorcraft rebuilt, others were 1 new, 1 rebuilt. Also replaced flywheel. Each time it worked for a while, then started grinding, and finally, just spins. When removed from truck, it spins and the gear kicks out as it is supposed to.
I have a new battery and new solenoid.


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June, 22, 2011 AT 5:55 AM

Is this the correct starter for your application? (Have seen the wrong ones, installed on vehicles, and they might "halfway" work.)

You might go online and check several stores, such as Advance Auto, Autozone, O'Reillys, and NAPA. See if their numbers are the same or very similar to what you have now.

I have also seen parts from specific "Re-manufacturers" to a specific Parts Store. Be completely "Remanned" incorrectly, so that even if you returned one part. You still got a "incorrectly built" one in return.

Another thing to do is take your starter off. Got to the above mentioned stores---let them Compare Yours to theirs--with dial calipers and other measuring tools, insuring yours is Right or somehow out of specs.

Let me know how it goes

The Medic



July, 6, 2011 AT 3:45 AM

I have had the same problem, even installed a new flywheel, solenoid, battery, and battery cables, along with 4 starters. And I have the answer you need. The starters for the ranger has a 9 tooth gear, but what no one tells you its a pretty common problem for the rangers and bronco 2s around that year, you need a 10 tooth gear for your starter. They dont make the starter with that setup but you can buy the gear for a small amount $12.00 you just have to replace it yourself or find someone to do it for you. Autozone and advance say they cannt get it and it isnt true. But if you have a Fishers auto parts or possibly napa they can order it. If ya have any?S hit me up by email richie062307 @aol 1985 Ranger Xl 4x4 5 speed 2.8 & 1989 Ranger XLT 2wd automatic 2.9



July, 6, 2011 AT 4:09 AM

Thanks for that info!

Many times when someone buys another starter, 1st thing they do is "Avoid the Core charge". They turn in the old one, 2 days later there is a problem, their Old starter is now in Mexico getting ready to be rebuilt. There is no way to compare it to another one now!

I always give important things about a week, before I get my core charge back. After your posting, I will be sure to compare tooth counts, before I leave the store, from now on!

The Medic

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