I have a 1985 Ford Falcon XF it is running a.

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I have a 1985 ford falcon xf it is running a ford falcon xr6 engine with a 4 speed borg warner manual behind it I bought the car engine seized couldnt budge it drained oil about 300 ml of clear water came first followed by the oil removed the head had moisture on top of head and on the pistons used a bit of diesel on it and it freed up within minutes leaving a ring of rust colored scum where piston was sitting removed engine took off sump definite moisture but crank looks fine no rust some in the 6th chamber but I was surprised to not see more removed all the pistons and nothing broken scum on the pistons and what looks like rust of carbon on cylinder walls that when u run your hand over u get the bump im guessing head gasket of head but wondering where to go from here can I clean the cylinder walls with sumthing c and pistons and put back togethor? What should I be looking for? Advice would be great
shane ramsay

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Sunday, February 24th, 2013 AT 2:02 AM

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