Can You Diagnose Why My Car Isn't Starting?

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  • 1981 SUBARU GL
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Alright, so I have my '81 Subaru GL. I replaced the alternator just the other day. Replaced it flawlessly, besides a bit of sparking when taking off one of the electrical cables. So I go to turn the key to test out the new alternator, but it did nothing. None of the dash lights come on, and the starter doesn't even attempt to turn over the engine. My headlights, dome lights, and other lights work (including the thing on the dash that says which door is open), so it's not the battery. I turn the key to the on position and none of the test lights on the instrument panel illuminate. All the battery connections and whatnot look perfectly fine. My friend and I thought maybe a fuse popped in the large fuse box under the hood, but I don't think there is one. I believe the only fuse box is under the dash, and all those fuses look fine. So yeah, if you could help me out, that'd be great. My car is just a sitting vegetable in the driveway now. Thanks!

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Tuesday, November 29th, 2011 AT 4:10 AM

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You probably blew a fusible link/s-check and test

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Tuesday, November 29th, 2011 AT 4:35 AM

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