1981 Oldsmobile 88



June, 19, 2012 AT 4:15 AM

They used to work fine, but the seals in the master cylinder started to leak. Took it apart, seals were ripped up. I was going to put just new seals in, but couldnt find just the seals so I replaced the whole master cylinder. I bled the back brakes, that worked fine, although the pedal was very soft.(Needs adjusting)
Then I went to bleed the front brakes, and I got air and more air and more air. It was even bubbling in the reservoir. I did bench bleed the reservoir, there doesnt appear to be any leaks anywhere, cannot figure out why so much air is coming in the system. Please help, im getting so frustrated I want to push the thing off a cliff

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June, 19, 2012 AT 10:09 AM

You just haven't gotten it bled yet. You may need to use a pressure bleeder.

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