I HAVE A 1971 FORD F100 WITH A 302 AND IT WAS ...

1971 Ford F-100



October, 24, 2012 AT 7:23 PM

I have a 1971 ford f100 with a 302 and it was sitting on a hill for about six years and I finally got it off the hill and I got her to start after I installed a starter, a fuel pump, an ignition switch, an ignition coil, starter solenoid, and she didn't idle for long before she tried to turn off and now she wont do anything when I turn the key and yes I have checked the battery and it is fine what else could it be please help me


1 Answer


Dr. Hagerty

October, 24, 2012 AT 7:33 PM

Sitting that long could have the carburetor full of dirt, it might need to be cleaned.

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