Hello! I own a 1970 Delta 88 and it has a.

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I own a 1970 Delta 88 and it has a few issue conserning the Heater/ac system. Now the cold - warm switch is stuck around the middle, it cant really be moved much, only to the middle and to cold. When moved to cold it hoes a hissing sound, like leaking vaccuum. This is not the big issue it blows somewhat warm.
The issue is that its my summer car, seeing as in Finland the american cars are rare so its considered a wonderful classic, a shame its no muscle car ;)
Now. The summer is short, it often rains aswell, and the heater controlls dont function. When I press one of the buttons, say heat, maybe floor, or ac nothing happens. No sounds, the airflow doesnt change it just blows to the feet and obviously window fogging is a huge problem. Basically id love to get it to function but id be more than content if I could change the airflow to the windshield to keep it open, and I have no need to the AC option. Seeing as getting that to work would probaply require quite a bit of work, and theres a good chance the AC compressor or the system has a leak. Being an old car after all.

So to highlight.
-Buttons dont function, I assume theyre vaccuum but I have no idea how these work and got very little to no knowledge of anything other than basic engine maintenance so heater systems are just plain confusing.
-Can I manually change the airflow to blow from feet to windshield somehow?
-Any thoughts on why the "temperature slide-button-thing" would get stuck like this?

Thank you so much

Monday, February 11th, 2013 AT 10:58 PM

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