1967 Chevrolet Custom Deluxe



January, 23, 2011 AT 2:51 AM

I am putting together a 41 chev and have gotten a 1967/327 Chev engine believe it or not out of a farm combine it has very low hours and ran like a top when started. My question is I need to know if I can change the harmonic balancer with pulleys attached to a regular harmonic balancer and attach my own pulley system for a car implementation with-out blowing up my crank. I have incuded the picture of the harmonic balancer that came with the engine and want to replace it with a harmonic balancer for a car both measure 6 and 3/4 in. Can this be done. The second photo is the orginal harmonic balancer along with three others I have to choose from for the replacement if it can be done and what should I be being careful of or looking for.
Thanks and waiting for a wealth of knowledge so maybe Ican help some-one else in the future.


1 Answer


Dr. Hagerty

January, 23, 2011 AT 3:30 PM

I do not think that "blowing up" is the correct term. The mass of the harmonic balancer should be enough for your purposes.

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