Remote Entry System

Remote entry systems have become highly popular in vehicles. With the ability to either permit or deny entry into the vehicle just by pressing a key fob button attached to your key chain. No longer do you need to fumble in the dark looking for car keys to unlock your car. This system is beneficial because of the safety factory as well as convenience. The function of the remote entry system is similar to that of a remote control for a television. 

By simply pressing a button, you are commanding the vehicle to perform a certain function. Pressing the lock button will lock the vehicle, while pressing the unlock button will unlock your vehicle. Some systems are equipped with a panic or safety alarm that will honk the horn off and on when activated.

Key Fob
Key Fob

Some systems are designed with the ability to release the trunk latch, open sun roof and illuminate head and tail lights and more. A key fob utilizes a small battery to power the transmitter, when this battery becomes weak the working range of the fob decreases or stops working entirely. To replace this battery snap open the fob with a small screw driver and release the battery from its holder, replace with a new battery and reassemble. 

If a key fob requires replacement it is usually best to get a replacement from your car's dealer in your local area. Adding new remotes can often be a way of making a spare key fob because you can program more than one remote to work with your keyless entry system. If the keyless entry system stops working suddenly, check the fuse panel for blown fuses and replace as needed. If further technical assistance is needed, our certified car repair technicians are ready to answer your car questions.

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Article first published (Updated 2013-08-16)