Navigation System

The navigation system in automobiles synchronizes with the satellite navigation system to locate the vehicle anywhere the software will support. A navigation system is also capable of producing directions to a location via the quickest route. The Global Positioning System locates the user by contacting the global navigation satellite system by utilizing a GPS receiver/transponder in the vehicle. A Navigation system is also capable of producing directions to a location via the quickest route possible. The navigation system was developed by general motors in the late 70's. The system was made available to public in the early 90's.

After Market Navigation System GPS

In a navigation system, the current position is estimated from the position that was determined previously. The previously determined position, along with time elapsed speed and course are used to get an approximate position. This procedure is known as dead reckoning. A navigation system provides many views of a map, top view and forward view. The map which is embedded in the navigation system's database is called a vector map. The geographic coordinates are the street names and house numbers. Navigation systems can allow the user to store the geographical coordinates of their favorite point of interest. These points are known as save-points. Initial maps are created at the manufacturer by programming a ROM, hard disk, CD, DVD or flash memory. The navigation system can be connected to internet, CD, DVD, or computer to download map updates.

Navigation systems also give information about traffic conditions by receiving information from a travel message channel or TMC and displays alternate routes to avoid traffic. TMC is a digitally coded system and delivers extremely accurate information through radio RDS. Other miscellaneous services provided by the navigation systems are personal information management, meeting and anniversary reminders, capturing images of the location, speakers which can be connected through Bluetooth, video broadcasting on the LCD screen and much more.

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Article first published (Updated 2013-08-16)