First Service

Step by step guide on how to service a vehicle for the first time. This article pertains to most vehicles.

Difficulty Scale: 3 of 10

Step 1 - The first service starts with an engine oil change with filter using factory recommended lubricates and filters.

Changing Oil
Step 2
- Check all vital fluids including the radiator after the engine has cooled completely.

Removing Radiator Cap
Step 3 - Remove and inspect the engine air filter, replacement is needed if the filter has gathered excessive dirt.

New Air Filter
Step 4
- Perform a hands on inspection of the vehicle, including the spare tire.

Inspecting Wipers
Helpful Information

Perform a general inspection of all frame and suspension bolts which can detect any loosen or missing components. Malfunctions are covered under the manufacturers warranty, which generates a record to be accessed at factory repair outlets.

If further technical assistance, our team of certified car repair technicians are ready to help.

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