2008 Nissan Altima • 85,000 miles

I I had an audio tech install a subwoofer in my car, I have a 2008 nissan altima 2.5s. When he ran the power cable he ran it through the same grommit through the firewall that the wiring harness runs through. This guy. Used a knife to cut the grommit to run the power wire though. After the install the car had a check engine light on. SO I asked him what he did. I ended up taking the air box out so I could get to where I could feel the grommit and harness in the engine bay behind the strut tower. I can feel 1 wire had been cut(that I could feel). So I removed battery connections to clear the car and the check engine light when off. The car runs normal all lights work and transmission shifts properly. Is this a major issue if the car isnt showing check engine light(monitoring wire that doesnt really do anything)? And if so how difficult would it be for me to pull the harness from that location ans patch that wire? Or how much would a shop charge to do it?
April 30, 2013.

No MIL means no problem is currently being detected by the PCM.
If wires had been damaged, there is a possibility shorting would occur sooner or later as vibrations etc affects the harness and it is best to get it rectified.

The technician should be held responsible for resolving this.

You did not retrieve the trouble code so we do not know what circuit had been affected.


Apr 30, 2013.
The technician was doing a side job and will not take responsibility for it ive tried. But my next question would be that is it okay for me to drive the car with this issue since the car seems to be running with no issues(idle, acceleration, cooling, shifting, ect) ive noticed no difference in how the car runs that I have checked. Or should I park it until I can take the harness portion out and fix the wire? I drove it today and the check engine light has not come on.

I can already tell its going to be extremely difficult to get to that location to fix the cut wire.


Apr 30, 2013.
Without any MIL, it definitely is not a problem to drive the vehicle.

I believe we are talking about the wireharness that goes from the engine to the cabin at passenger side.

To get at that, you need to remove the glove compartment and unplug the connectors for the harness and pull the harness out to engine side for you to perform repairs. Not really that difficult but a little tricky as space is limited.

Apr 30, 2013.