Volvo S70

I have a 1998 Volvo GLT s70 with about 160,000 miles on it. When I go to accelerate hard it starts to skip and become hesitant to accelerate. Do you know what could possibly be the problem?
August 17, 2007.

When was it last tune-up?

Aug 18, 2007.
I haven't taken it in recently for a tune-up. The last tune-up was a few months ago.

Could be a fuel system issue-try having the fuel pressue check.

Could also be a problem with oxygen sensor/s, TPS / Airflow meter

Aug 18, 2007.
Okay. Thank you for your help.

Change you fuel filter and your O2 sensors. If no improvement. The problem may lie in a clogged muffler or cat. Good luck. Got the same problem. Getting po422 code every once in a while. Going to start with the fuel filter and then the O2 sensors myself. I live in california and no seems to know the reason for remanufactored cats not being legal on california registered cars. And where to get a replacement. So I hope the 2 first things fix my problem.

Jan 1, 2009.