240 DL 202,858 MI.

1988 Volvo Other

I have a 1988 volvo 240 DL that had a no start problem. I towed it into a Pep Boys repair shop.3 days later they told me the problem was the main fuel relay? 230.00 dollars later I got the call that my car was running fine. Shorty after that I got another call and I was told that my car ran for 10 mins. And then there was a spike to the main relay, the car stoped running, and it could not be fixed by the shop.I had to take it to a " electrical specialist". Instead I towed it to the Volvo Dealer and within an hour they told me it was the mass airflow sensor.635.00 dollars later my car was fixed and has been running great! My question is. Did I get ripped off by Pep boys? Should I ask for my money back? I feel like they where to lazy to spend any time looking for the true problem and missed diagnosed my car. They also didn't return my old main relay that I asked for. Your advise would be very helpful. I look forward to your response. Thank you, Mike
September 23, 2006.

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