1995 Volvo 960

Engine Mechanical problem
1995 Volvo 960 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 132000 miles

Hi, the timing belt idler pulley got broken and I need to replace it but my question is I don't know how to check the cam-shaft position to cam gear to set everything right to put back the timing belt.
thanks, if you guys have pictures even better
January 31, 2009.

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Below is a diagram for setting your timing marks. Let me know if you need further assistance.

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I got the two marks for the camshaft but what is the position for the crankshaft and what's the black dot that arrow is pointing,here is a picture; the crankshaft pulley has three marks like holes; the blank arrow is pointing to the timing belt idler pulley bracket ,can you be more specific thank you.

Feb 1, 2009.
Rotate the crankshaft so the notch in the convex crankshaft gear belt guide aligns with the embossed mark on the front cover (12 o'clock position).
Rotate the idler shaft so the dot on the idler shaft drive sprocket aligns with the notch on the timing belt rear cover (4 o'clock position).
Rotate the camshaft so the notch in the camshaft sprocket inner belt guide aligns with the notch in the forward edge of the valve cover (12 o'clock position).

Let me know if you still need further assistance.

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I got the three marks but now I don't know how the tensioner works to install the timing belt

Feb 5, 2009.
Although not necessary, replace the timing belt tensioner when replacing the belt. The tensioner can (and often does) leak hydraulic fluid, and can seize, causing the belt to break.

DRIVE BELT TENSION: Compress tensioner and tighten center nut. Wait until compression has taken place and insert a 2-mm lockign pin in plunger. Install tensioner and tighten mounting bolts to 18 Ft Lbs (25 Nm).

NOTE: If there is leakage or no resistance when pushed in or if it can't be pushed in the tensioner damping unit must be replaced.

Place timing belt around crankshaft pulley and right idler. Place belt over camshaft pulleys. Position belt around water pump and press over tensioner pulley.
Remove tensioner locking pin. To complete installation, reverse your removal procedures.

Place a tension gauge (9988500 or equivalent) between the exhaust camshaft drive pulley and water pump.
Read the gauge. If the belt tension is correct, the gauge should read between 3.5 and 4.6 units.
If the reading is incorrect, replace the tensioner.

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Hi, I did everything and the car didn't start, I notice that the crank shaft ronds twice than the cam shaft how can I know in what turn is the right position for the crank shaft. Thanks

Feb 7, 2009.
Okay, I am going to need your specific engine I.D. To help you further. The engine serial number is stamped onto the engine block on the driver's side, just below the cylinder head. An identification tag or plate is also affixed to the timing cover. Let me know what it is and I will be able to better assist you.

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I found B6304S

Feb 7, 2009.
If you had set the timing marks
and still no start know you need to do a compression test

Feb 7, 2009.
I broke my timing belt.I was wondering if my valves are bent?

Aug 17, 2010.
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