1980 Volvo 240

1980 volvo 240dl wagon gas 2wheel drive 4cylinder not sure what engine but found a tag that said 130 cubic inch, it has 244000 miles. Started as intermitant problem, drive to store come out no start, wait awhile (1hr) start fine. One day I was going to pull it into the garage to try to work on something else, had to turn off to get the keys for the garage. Went to start and it wouldn't start. Strong battery, turns over strong. Checked fuses cleaned fuses replaced all fuses. Jumped fuses 5& 7 fuel pump runs, try to start with fuses jumped, nothing. Checked cap and rotor and replaced both. Rotor turns while cranking. No spark to spark plug wire, no spark from coil wire. Replaced ignition modual, replaced fuel pump relay. Please help. Doubleabillk@comcast
Bill kiniry
July 1, 2007.

Might just be the coil has gone bad. Put a test light on one side of the coil, should power up with key on, other side should flash when cranking

Jul 1, 2007.