1983 Volkswagen Rabbit

Engine Mechanical problem
1983 Volkswagen Rabbit 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Manual

My Rabbit will only push start, it started about two weeks ago. Originally it stopped starting I push started it and ran it for 40 or so minutes. When I got it home I threw it on the trickle charger and it started like a dream. I noticed that as the days went on it struggled more and more to start. When I charged up the battery again it started like a dream. Now the battery doesn't seem to want to charge. I thought alternator at first, but when the car is running all accessories function normally (no pulsing of head lights or blower etc.) I am wondering if the battery is shot or if it is a bad wire?
October 10, 2009.

Battery is no good

Dr Loot
Oct 30, 2009.