2003 Volkswagen Polo

Electrical problem
2003 Volkswagen Polo Two Wheel Drive Manual

A light appeared on my dashboard which looked something like an engine to me.
I read in the manual it was to do with the exhaust control or exhaust air quality or the catalytic converter and that I should go to the nearest volkwagon dealer and decrease speed.

Does anyone know what this is/how serious it is? I have noticed no difference whatsoever in driving so is it likely to be an electrical fault? What are the conesquences were I to continue driving it for the next month before bringing it to a garage?
January 13, 2009.

There could be numerous reasons for this light ot come on. It needs to be diagnosed via a computer. Most garages do this. As long as the light is not flashing you can continue to drive. But I would have it looked at ASAP. So no other damage occurs !

Dave H
Mar 22, 2009.