1988 Volkswagen Polo

Electrical problem
1988 Volkswagen Polo 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Manual 100000 miles

I am tryin to get my 1988 VW Polo going. I haven't been able to run it for a year. It has served me very well and I don't won't to scrap it.

The problem is this. Tried starting it - nothing. No surprise, battery was flat. Tried jump starting it - jump leads got hot and there was a small amount of smoke from the engine (to the right of the carburettor). The engine did not turn at all, not a sound from the starter motor.

It seems likely that the battery is dead as it won't charge. If I get a new battery how do I make sure I don't fry that as well? Would it be correct to assume there is a short circuit somewhere?
December 31, 2008.

Check the starter motor is not jammed up and try cranking the car over by hand to make sure the engine is not locked up !

Dave H
Mar 22, 2009.