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I own a 2001 VW Jetta (2.0, 118,000 miles). When I go to start my car, it shakes badly and I almost always have to rev it up over 1000 RPM to get it to stay on (or else it will cut off). My spark plugs were bad, so I replaced those and my wires, and I also put fuel injector cleaner into my gas tank after filling up. Could this possibly be the EGR valve is dirty? If so, where is it located at? I can't find it anywhere. Diagrams would be helpful! Thanks so much!
August 11, 2007.

I look all over for the 2.0 engine emission control devices non listed for EGR valve.

Aug 11, 2007.
I had that, in my 2001 VR6. First thing we checked was the coil block for cracks/shorts.
Ended up being a bad plug wire. If you already checked the plug wires or replaced them, make sure they are all in the right firing order.I took my pos jetta to Sears cuz I didn't have the time for the oil change. In the name of saving myself a few minutes, I dropped it off there and when I noticed this problem extremely, now was the time to get to it. When Sears did a " complimentary plug check", they switched some of the wires when they put them back. Morons. Anyway, if you got the new wires, and know they are in the right order; I'd follow them to the coil block. You might see something there.

Aug 24, 2007.