1993 Volkswagen Eurovan

Transmission problem
1993 Volkswagen Eurovan 4 cyl Automatic

old trans was slipping and shifting erratic. Shift points would change and sometimes no 4th gear. Replacsd w used trans. No more slip. Same shiftproblem. Unplugged rpm sensor, shifted way better. Tcm? I have no info at all for this vehicle.
are there any other models with the same system?
Tony smoot
October 30, 2010.

IS this statement still true:
"i can spray starter fluid and it will start for about 2 seconds and cuts right back out"

Try unplugging the sensor and try starting it.

Yes it will start for 2 0r 3 seconds and will cut right back out with starter fluid. So you want me just to try and unplug it and try to start it? Dont plug it back in before I start it? Or plug it back in? And thanks for the diagram! Couldnt find it anywhere!

Oct 30, 2010.
Sounds more like you have a fuel problem rather than spark.
I doubt the cam sensor is the problem if it isn't getting fuel.
Hook up a fuel gauge and crank it. It must be in spec.

Ok I was told that the cam shaft sencor told the fuel injectors when to spray fluid. So I thouht that might be related to the fuel problem. But if it has to do with spark your right. And I hooked up a fuel gauge and I do have the right presure. So you thinking maybe the fuel injector are clogged or bad? Anyway to check them? Other than a nod light. Cuz doesnt the car have to run to check them with that thing? Thanks for all your help!

Oct 30, 2010.
Sorry I missed the fuel pressure is good part.
Keep posts on the same thread please.
HAve you checked for spark presence?
Are there any codes right now?

Have you tried a tap test on the cam or crank sensor? (Have someone crank while you lightly tap with a long screwdriver.

Check the wiring to the cam and crank sensors for any damage.

Possible ignition module on this as well.

I need to review this sytem regarding the cam sensor.

Ive checked for spark with a sreaw driver and yes they all have spark. I have no codes either. And I will try to tap the sencors to see if that works. All the wiring is good. Any way to check the ignition modul? And sorry about the extra post. One thing I forgot to say, when I do try and start it and it doest start all the insterment panel lights flash on and a bell goes off. If thats any help. Thank again!

Oct 30, 2010.
No problem on the post...just makes it hard to help.

Also try unplugging the cam sensor to see if it starts.
On this one it will affect fuel delivery. Also the coolant temp sensor can.
Please check for any current codes.

Dumb question but is there enough fuel n the tank....don't want to skip the basics and don't assume the gauge is right.

Send me an email if you can't read this.
Keep all communication here however.

Doesnt the check engine light have to be on to pull codes? And I was told that I can only pull codes if I have a 96 and up? Mines a 94. Advance auto said I will have to take it to a shop and get a specail machine hooked up to pull codes on a car that old. And there is no way to get it there cuz it wont start. And yes it has about a half a tank of gas. Thought about that myself. And just unplug the sencor and try and start it? Dont plug it back in before I try?

Oct 30, 2010.
I unpluged the cam sencor and ttryed to start it and it didnt start. Did the same thing. What does that mean? Thats not the problem? Anything else to try?

Oct 30, 2010.
Codes may still be present regardless of the cel.
You need the correct scanner.

Try unplugging the crankshaft pos sensor and the coolant temp sensor independently.

When you unplug the cam sensor, the pcm use a last known data. Cam sensor is not the problem based on that.