1999 Volkswagen Beetle

Air Conditioning problem
1999 Volkswagen Beetle 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Manual 127000 miles

My compressor recently stopped working. I Replaced the compressor, dryer and expansion valve as recommended by my local Auto Parts distributor. After removing the parts, I flushed and blew out system. I pulled a 2 hr vaccum after installing the new parts. When I stated charging the system, before getting a full 16oz. Can of R134A in the pressure went up to 80+ lbs. Did I miss something. Is there an orifice on it somewhere that I need to change?
July 16, 2008.

Hi Rsontag,

Did you start the car and turn the AC on while charging?

80 psi is at low side? What is the pressure of high side?

Jul 18, 2008.
What did you find out about this

Expansion valve at the firewall. If the compressor wore out it's probably full of debris. Also if you charge by small cans the pressure can get high if you turn the can over, you're putting it in as a liquid. You should only shake the can in an upright possition. While the car is running.

Jul 7, 2012.
Rsontag, did you ever figure this out? Blowing the system out with contaminated compressed air can introduce contaminants into the system, but, like vwscott said, you should never turn the small can over.

Jul 29, 2012.