2001 Vauxhall Vectra

Engine Performance problem
2001 Vauxhall Vectra 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Manual 74000 miles

2.2 diesel, very hard to start when it's cold outside, and the cars been standing out overnight.
Does eventually start, and once started will start easily every time thereafter.
Battery check was all OK on the meter
New glow plugs fitted and working.
Injector seals were recently replaced.
Full service carried out in October.
This problem has baffled all the local Vauxhall dearlers and other car repairers mechanics for the last 4 years.
Please can you help or suggest a remedy.
Thank you. Mr. T.M. Collins
December 17, 2009.

Replace fuel filter and add a good injector cleaner to the fuel tank !

Dave H
Dec 22, 2009.