2005 Vauxhall Tigra

Air Conditioning problem
2005 Vauxhall Tigra 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Manual 30,000 miles

The fan in my Vauxhall Tigra is making a loud noise and gets louder as I turn up the fan's speed. I head this as I'm driving.

Is this a major repair job at my local Vauxhal garage. The garage says it needs to strip down the engine to repair the fan. Or can the replacement parts be easily fitted by someone who knows what they're doing?
Noorah unger
August 9, 2009.

Most garage technicians will be able to repair the fan for you ! The engine does not need to be touched to repair the A/C/Heater blower fan. You will have to have the dashboard removed to replace the fan. Do not let your local dealer touch the engine for this repair?

Dave H
Aug 9, 2009.