2004 Vauxhall Tigra

Electrical problem
2004 Vauxhall Tigra

I've owned my vauxhall tigra twintop for 2 years and for today as it was nice I decided to put the roof down. I started the engine and as soon as I undid the clips to release the roof it kept on beeping and nothing happened. I closed the roof clips hoping the beeping would stop but it didn't. I had to drive all the way home with it beebing at me. Ath the moment I cant afford to take the car into Vauxhall. I'm upset as I've never had a single problem with my car until now. The roof and the boot were working fine last week when I put the roof down and it went up with no problems. I'd greatly appreciate any advice on this matter.

Fiona McCrorie
April 19, 2010.

You need to have the vehicle plugged into a diagnostic computer. This will tell you where the fault lies on the body control system

Dave H
Apr 20, 2010.