2004 Ford F-150 • 5.4L V8 4WD Automatic • 175,000 miles

I own a 2004 F-150 4/4, 5.4 3V engine.I didn, t even drive this truck butappro3000 miles. It had a little tiny hesitaion, when I bought it. But later I would start and drive it untill the heat hand would get up to regular running heat, which was half way in the middle of the guage. Then as soon as it hits half way, it will try to quit running, jerking and making a noise like the engine was coming out. OK as soon as it would cool off and the temp. Went back down, I would reset the codes and then it would run just like a brand new truck, till it reached the half way heat guage, then right back to what it is doing. Everytime. And still does it now. WHEN YOU FIRST DRIVE IT, IT LASTED ABOUT 10 MINUTES TO REACH HALF WAY TEMP. That is the problem every since I got it, and drove it for some miles FIRST. OK! I put it in a machanic shop, where a guy said he had worked at the ford company for 15 years. They called and tell me it was fixed.I drove it just like I did, that I told you above, SAMETHING. He said that he had tore down the engine 4 times, by the time I would pick it up. SAMETHING AGAIN. They charged me 3800.00 hundred and kelp it a year nearly, Then the machanic finally told me that my truck was the first one that he wasn, t able to fix. Although the owner said We can fix that truck. Someone from the shop or bussiness called me and told me to finally that it couldn, t be fix, so I took a tow dolly and brought it home, that has been over 2 years ago. Well it still cranks, drives like new till heat gauge reaches running heat, then on pops the engine light and right back to the same thing. It is a real good truck, except for that one problem. ONE MORE THING, I would keep it running by holding the gas down, and it wood pick back up but lose power and motor go to rattling bad. IfYA, LL CAN TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK WILL GET IT FIXED, I, LL BE GLAD TO PAY YOU SOME GOOD MONEY.I PROMISE CARL TEMPLETON 423/504/2155 CALL ME ANYTIME IF YOU CAN HELP ME PLEASE! I think I covered everthing I know, BUT IF YOU WAS TO NEED MORE INFO ON IT, PLEASE CALL AND ASK ME. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH! I KNOW THAT MY TRUCK CANNOT BE THE ONLY ONE THAT HAS EVER DONE THIS. If you can tell me how to get it fixed, I, ll send you $100.00, I PROMISE.

Carl Templeton
July 30, 2014.

If you don't scan for codes with a scanner and check fuel pressure with a gauge first you won't know what is wrong with it. You have to know what the code is to see what area is screwing up with the vehicle so you can PROPERLY DIAGNOSE it and correct it. Otherwise you are blind in trying to repair it.

Jul 30, 2014.