2003 Toyota Yaris

Computer problem
2003 Toyota Yaris 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 23000 miles

yes hi i have a 2003 toyota yaris.i got the airbag computer reset but the light keep falshing so i did the toyota trouble code retrevial with the data link connection by placing tc-cg..and it flashes 6 times then pause for 2 sec an then flash again once an then it will stop for about 3-4 sec an start over again flashin 6 times pause an then flash the 7th time please help me with what this mean thanks the car is japanese thanks

March 23, 2009.

There is a problem with the SRS system, and this type of problem has to be fixed by an authorized dealer, due to the possibility of accidental deployment of air bags.

This can cause severe injury, so please, have the dealer look at it.

Aug 2, 2009.