2003 Toyota Vios

Air Conditioning problem
2003 Toyota Vios

Hi, recently I went on a trip I am from malaysia a hot and humid country - was driving on the high way for 4 hours at one time. Then during that time the air cond was really cold so I thought I should let in the hot air by changing the dial on the dashboard so that the outside air can warm the car up. Also I think that by doing that, because it is so cold the air cond, at least the spare parts of the air conditioning does not freeze. Is it a good idea.

Just yesterday my air cond is no longer working fine. I was told it's because of the cooling coil. Could it be because of what I did last week while driving, .I.E. Allow hot air into the car by taking the hot air from outside. Pls advise. Thanks
June 11, 2009.

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