Toyota Tercel

I have a '95 Toyota Tercel, 135k miles, 4 cylinder, 4 speed. It's my son's car, and we can't start it. It was running okay, then wouldn't start. Thinking it was either electrical or fuel related, I checked fuses, and in checking fuel lines, I changed fuel pump, as I didn't hear when attempting to start car, though you don't hear pump in on positiion until after you attempt to start. Not sure I needed to replace it, but I did. I removed fuel line from fuel injector rail, and when trying to start car, no fuel comes out of line. I hear pump running, but no fuel coming out. Could it be filter is clogged, or is there some other reason that's probable? How long do I need to attempt to start before fuel comes out? Should fuel come out with line off?
June 17, 2007.

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