1995 Toyota Tercel

Engine Mechanical problem
1995 Toyota Tercel 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 70000 miles

I have removed the plugs, and starter. I have the car in neutral. I even removed the oil pan, so I see if I had a broken rod or something. I put a socket and breaker bar on the crank bolt, and can not move it at all. I also removed the top timing cover and the timing belt is not broken. I am stumped. It almost acts like the transmission is holding it, but the tires are off the ground and rotate forward, so I am sure it is actually in neutral.
August 25, 2008.

Hi jhughe01,

If the crankshaft does not even budge when turning forward or reverse, most probably the following are seized.
1. Pistons.
2. Conrod bearings.
3. Main journal bearings.

The engine has not been stareted for very long?
Did you remove the spark plugs to see if there are any watr/oil in the cylinders?

Aug 31, 2008.