1994 Toyota Tercel

Electrical problem
1994 Toyota Tercel 4 cyl Manual

I have a toyota tercel that is 1994. Does this need to pass emissions test in ny state? I bought it last year. After a tune up, the check engine light came on within a day of the tune up. After a few months and an oil change, the light went off. It was off for the last 9 months until a few days ago. I left the lights on and AAA gave me a jump. The gut asked if I had any dash lights on because there was a slight drain showing when he tested the battery and alternator. There were no lights on. Anyway, the car started fine, but within an hour, the check engine light came on( 3 days before my inspection is due!) Is it just a coincidence that the light came on after some minor work was done or the car jumped? It seems strange. Do you think it's electrical?
Robin lynn
July 1, 2009.

Let's start with checking for the codes and go from there.

Jul 1, 2009.