1998 Toyota Tacoma

Transmission problem
1998 Toyota Tacoma 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 109000 miles

when 1st starting truck in the am, put into gear and doesnt move rpms go up then trans grabs and truck lurches forward. While at a stop on an incline accelerate to go forward seems like trans is not in gaged and starts to roll back, them catchs and moves forward. Im not mechanical by any means but I cant find the trans mission dip stick, thinking it may be low on fluid, I was told it maybe a sealed transmission I dont even know what that means. I could use some real help here just a novice when it comes to cars thank you.
Tony dee
August 26, 2009.

Hi tony dee,

The dipstick is located near the firewall on driver side. It has an Orange colored ring.

Refilling is through this dipstick tube.

Aug 31, 2009.