Toyota Rav4

Hello car guys,
I'm a new driver & I hope you can help me. My husband & I recently purchased a 2007 RAV4 Sport with a V6 automatic & 4wd. We bought it at auction so we could afford as much car as possible. It looks like it was a rental. It had a clean vehix report, but a lot of miles on it, 25,500 ish. We've put about another 100 on it &, aside from the check tyre light, it has had only one problem. It pulls to the right. Esp. On highway drives. I took it to the dealer service centre. They checked the tyres (light has been reset) & charged me for an alignment (not covered by factory warrenty). Trying to be careful, I asked for a print out, but have no idea how to read it. Worse, the car still pulls to the rt. It's not as pronounced as before, but still there.

Should I go back & have another alignment? Is the pull a symptom of something worse? Any accident would have been on the report, right? I'm a little worried that I'm making uninformed choices. Also worried that the dealership takes one look at me & sees $$$. I told them that the car pulls, they're the ones that said it needed an alignment. I've read quite a few blogs. Some have some strange suggestions-- the car pulls because there's a 150lb+ weight differental between me & my husband etc. Some are just downright scary, structural damage? What's an indicator arm? I think I need to understand the language before I go back to the service centre. That or bring along an interpretor.

Please help!
October 26, 2007.

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