2008 Toyota Rav4

Electrical problem
2008 Toyota Rav4 4 cyl Four Wheel Drive Automatic 2000 miles

where is the cigarette lighter fuse on2008 rav4?
July 27, 2008.

To new for me to look up, it should be listed in your owners manual under " fuses".

Jul 27, 2008.
Merlin-Ive been looking for it on 2007's power distribution not there too. My way is to turn the key to run-its tedious and check every fuse you can find and test both ends on it till the test light don't lit up meaning the fuse is open replace it and see what happens-The ignition switch run and accy position powers the lighter-something has to give here-

where is the cigarette lighter fuse on2008 rav4? Is it because it won't heat up-inspect the element for broken coil if okay and no power at the center of the lighter contact-were right back to the fuse.

Aug 28, 2008.