2006 Toyota Rav4

Heater problem
2006 Toyota Rav4 4 cyl Four Wheel Drive Automatic

Please help and advise.
Car - 2006 Rav4 - 4 Cyc - 4WD

#1. Realized that no heat. It worked fine before.
#2. Just replaced thermostat.
#3. Little bit better than before but still no heat (lukewarm only)
#4. Air conditioner is wokring fine.
#5. Temp gauge is working fine (Indicates half way).
#6. Checked fuses and all good.
#7. Tried to bleed air out but no radiator cap for this car.
#8. Realized that the FAN is not working. However, when I turned on AC it worked fine. I checked the fuse and it was OK.

Now what do I need to do?
October 18, 2009.

What fan isn't working the radiator fan or the blower motor fan?