2002 Toyota Rav4

Engine Cooling problem
2002 Toyota Rav4 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 119000 miles

Hello, a couple of weeks ago my car broke down and when I took it to the dealership to get checked out, I was told that I needed to replace the radiator and thermostat, but other than that everything looked good. Now, 20 days later, my car overheated this morning and when I took in they told me that I had to replace the waterpump, hose, and the thermostat AGAIN. I was quoted $652.01 for this. Is this something that should have/could have been caught and prevented when they replaced the radiator?
April 21, 2010.

It should have been caught right then and there if they have tested the cooling system thoroughly. My opinion-

Apr 21, 2010.