2001 Toyota Rav4

I have a 2001 Toyota Rav4, 2WD/front wheel drive, manual with 100,000 miles.
My check engine light came on, and I was told that I need to replace my catalytic converter and it would cost $1700. Is this true? Will it really cost that much? I’m a girl in my twenties and am clueless.

Can I run on a bad catalytic converter and not hurt anything (besides the environment)? Or is this something I can run on for two months and save up the money for the repair? As it stands my clutch is slipping so I’m having that replaced for $750, so I’m hoping I can hold off on the other repair, or that maybe the quick lube place was trying to rip me off….

I had them do an emissions flush, and my O2 sensors were replaced…
Thanks for the help!
January 16, 2007.

Hey melanie,
Though I can't " officially" condone putting off the emissions repairs, I can say, Save Your Pennies! : D


p.S. I would also recommend a second opinion on the cause diagnosis. Considering the price of the repairs estimated, the money you spend on a second opinion may save you a ton in the long run!

Jan 17, 2007.
Hi melanie, I do believe that u should change your catalitic converters on your vehicle, now about the cost that sounds about right, the problem is that the Rav4 have a problem with the Catalitic Converters collapsing by themselfs, I know this because I use to work at a Toyota Dealership, Also I beleive there was a recall on reprograming the Computer for that kind of codes as a matter in fact there is a Bulletin concerning the traouble codes for your check engine light. The problem is that your over the extended warranty and thats why there charging you. Hope this helps

Jan 18, 2007.